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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse in Singapore
Sep 04,2019


Notice if your partner has become more secretive. 

Your partner may begin to leave the room to talk on the phone or never leave the phone behind when he or she leaves the room. If your partner is on the computer, he or she may shut down the computer when you walk by or enter the room. Your partner may be becoming secretive because he or she feels the need to hide things from you.

Make sure the secretiveness is something new. If your partner has always been private, it may be more difficult for you to notice anything.

If you ask your partner who was on the phone or what he or she was doing on the computer, your partner may respond by saying, "No one," or "It's work related." or "Wrong number." or "Why are you asking?

Recognize changes in your physical relationship

Your partner may become less affectionate when he or she is having an affair and pull away from you if you try to show affection. Your partner may not initiate sex or feel distant even when you do make love. Your partner may no longer greet you with a hug or a kiss or may not be interested in holding hands.

An increase in your partner's sex drive or an interest in trying different sexual things may also be a clue.

If you tell your partner that you have noticed a difference, he or she will probably deny it or suggest that you are being sensitive or unreasonable.

Check his or her phone

Check the phone when your partner is sleeping or in the shower. You do not want to get caught snooping. Look through the call log and text messages for names or number that you are not familiar with. If your partner is smart, he or she may delete text messages and clear his or her call log.

You can also check email, Facebook, or Twitter. See if there has been any contact with new people. If you have access to his or her computer, check the web browsing history as well.

Trust your gut

If your intuition is telling you that something is off in your relationship, listen. Science has shown that people can tell if their partner is cheating. You should not rely on your gut alone. However, if you have a feeling, begin paying attention to any other signs that your partner may be cheating.

Hire a Private Investigator (PI)

Private investigators are expensive but are almost a sure way to catch a cheating partner. Private Investigator has many tools available but they may be illegal. Illegally obtained evidences are admissible in court but the illegal remain illegal we must face the consequences and implications.  Tell your PI exactly what you need and discuss the costs of services before you hire him or her. 

Find a PI that is licensed by Singapore Police Force (PLRD). Speak with a few PI before you make your choice. 

You want someone who is experienced and with good google reviews. Reviews must be genuine and justified  with Case reference or case ID. Hire an investigator that specializes in infidelity investigations for matrimonial cases.

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