GRADED ‘A’ (Excellent)

by Singapore Police Force

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GRADED ‘A’ (Excellent)

by Singapore Police Force

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Catch Cheating Spouse
by KOKUSAI (since 1984)

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KOKUSAI celebrates 40th Anniversary!

Kokusai Security Pte Ltd was founded in April 1984. Our founding members comprise public officers who have experience in police and armed forces training.

They specialize in investigations, crowd control, security management and bodyguard services. Our company is built on the philosophy of providing unparalleled customer service to clients. We provide high caliber and professionally trained personnel.

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How to Manage Private Investigation Business in Singapore

This guideline is written by Mr. Magnum Jegan, who is the pioneer and a leader of private investigation industry, since 1984, managing investigation business in line with the guidelines set up by Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Workforce Development Agency (WDA Singapore)

Mr. SM Jegan is a founder of Kokusai Pte Ltd, a company whose professionalism and dedication have earned wide media coverage on CNN and BBC as a well organised and established agency in the world.

Private Investigation is client-oriented, unlike Police investigation. Therefore, private investigators need to know the key elements of your case before undertaking any assignment. Collection of all information are based on communication and observation.

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Our Testimonials What People says KOKUSAI

Case 1910116M
I approached Uncle Magnum for help when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Uncle Magnum is extremely efficient and amazing at his job and assisted me with exactly what I wanted.
What sets Uncle Magnum apart is that he goes the extra mile (putting in extra hours on his own accord) to ensure that results are well achieved.
I was only a client but he treated me like his own daughter and shared my pain of having to deal with a cheating husband. His services are definitely highly recommended. May God bless Uncle Magnum abundantly.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, Uncle Magnum:)

Case 1907070M
I was very lost and didn't know what to do when i came to see Magnum for help. I was in total despair and need to find a closure. I came to the right place and Magnum with his team helped with me to find the closure.
It was a very difficult task to get the evidence about my boyfriend infidelity but Magnum was able to get it. He was a friend that God sent to me. He did more than my expectation, not only the evidence but also the encouragement and wisdom to help me through all this.

I am very thankful to go to him.. I strongly recommend his help for people who really to get the truth and move on. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Magnum.. May God keep you safe and bless you always.

Case Number: 1903024M
Mr Magnum is like god sent to help us out. Went to him desperately and engage his service right away after a short discussion. He is very assuring by the way he talks and he explained well about how he will go about to get the work done. He also go the extra miles to cater to my budget. Really deeply appreciates his help on this. And being so comforting to me during the whole process.

All work done within the stipulated timing. All evidence collected. Thank you once again Mr Magnum!
I strongly recommend anyone who requires help to engage Kokusai Security! You will never ever regret your choice in choosing this company.

Case Ref: 1903024M
Top notch work by Mr magnum and his team, discreet and clever. I approached Mr Magnum on really short notice and he delivered instantaneous results.

Although i was initially afraid and hesitant to proceed, he gave me the confidence and trust, i didn't regret my choice. Mr Magnum went out of his way to help and treated me with great kindness and generosity.

Very grateful to him.
Case number 1901001M
Blessed to have chosen Kokusai during the most difficult time. I can't imagine how to go thru the ordeal without meeting Dr Magnum. He's not just a PI but someone with great judgement, passion and empathy for his client. His analyzing power is superb & bcos of this, he not only find justice for me but walk me thru the devastating situation.

To me, Dr Magnum is a PI sent by God in helping the broken, the bullied & to reconstitute one's life bringing justice everywhere in Singapore. Thank you so much my saviour.

Case number 1809087M
I approached Uncle Magnum for help as i had some doubts about my spouse. He was very encouraging and helpful. He took into consideration all the difficulties that i am experiencing and suggested ways to solve this in the best possible way.

He is really a PI above all others. Very passionate and sincere about helping people out. I really appreciate all his advice and encouragement.

Thank you Uncle Magmum. May God watch over you.

Case: 1803040M
This in not the first time I have engaged Dr Magnum for his professional services. Not only did he went all the way to help and assist my case personally, he picked me up and guided me step by step on what to do for my future. Just when my trust in men has died, he lifted me up, counselled me then educating me to a much better path.

Words alone cannot express my heartfelt gratefulness towards you. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate every little thing that you have done for me. I gave praise to the Lord for letting me find you. And great blessings to you and your family , greater success to Kokusai!

Case: 1712160M
I am very grateful to Uncle Magnum for all the kind help and advices that he has given to me. He really go out of his way to help solve my problems sometimes even without considering his own safety.
He really cares for us and wants us to be able to regain our strength to move on. What he did really made me feel that there is still a kindness and love in the world.

I sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart and wish for the best for him.
Thank you so much, Uncle Magnum and God bless you and your family.

Case: 1801006MR
Thank you Dr Magnum, i highly recommend this organisation because they are dedicate and are professional in delivering result. Dr Magnum is a great respectable man with principles. I am extremely satisfied with their services! Thank you so much.

Case: 1801006MR
Thank you Dr Magnum, i highly recommend this organisation because they are dedicate and are professional in delivering result.

Dr Magnum is a great respectable man with principles.
I am extremely satisfied with their services! Thank you so much.



Every client is unique and every case is different. We know that our customers are simply looking for answers to questions. We pride ourselves in helping others by providing them reliable factual information so they can make educated decisions. When you choose us, you can interact directly with the investigator that is collecting the information, and will not receive it secondhand. We listen to understand your goals and devise a custom plan for achieving them.


We believe that an investigative firm is only as good as the investigators that work there. When you hire us, you will work directly with a private investigator and our team of pros. We have over 35 years of actual in the field investigative experience and know how to leverage it to your benefit. Helping those that deserve it is our core objective and only the most qualified investigators are chosen for your work.


Who the client is and what is being investigated remains private between the investigators and the client. Always.
Under no circumstance do we reveal who is being investigated, who hired us, or the specifics of the investigation. You can rest assured that the investigator will not reveal this information to the subject of the investigation, random civilians, or even law enforcement.

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